Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flitting About Like A Bee, A Present

This week has found me with a short attention span where my knitting projects are concerned.  As the title says, I've been flitting about like a bee from one thing to another.  My vanilla sock has increased by 2 rows.  I searched my stash unsuccessfully for yarns for two shawls.  There's only two bobbins spun toward my sweater/jacket.  The lack of spinning is also due to my still sore toe.  Other projects have seen no attention at all. 

The only project that has had any real progress is my Boobalicous Tank Top.  It was restarted for the fifth time, and appears to be progressing nicely.  The first section of pattern shaping has been finished. 

There was a project finished last week as well.  The "My Wish" Shawl is waiting for blocking.  I just haven't had a chance to do that yet.

Part of the reason for this lack of progress has been my early anniversary present.  In April or May I had mentioned to Pat that I would like to buy a Kindle Fire.  This past Saturday evening found us at Walmart and he bought it for me as part of my gift.  I've been learning how it works and downloading free apps to it. 

One of my other favorite hobbies is reading. I downloaded 3 books from my local library.  It came with a free month of Amazon Prime which also includes a lending library.  I downloaded and have been reading a book from that as well.  That should be finished this evening and I can hopefully get another book from there.

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