Friday, July 27, 2012

Rippit, Rippit,  and More Toe Woes

The fair demo was fun as always.  I managed to spin 2 full bobbins plus part of a third between the Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon demos.  The splint didn't slow me down at all.  I think it did cause a bit of friction with my foot when I had the sandals on though.  I also stuck to my diet most of the time.  I had a Taco salad and sugar free ice cream for Friday.  Dunkin Donuts breakfast burrito for breakfast and Fried clam strips and fries (which I didn't eat all of) were for Saturday.  I drank plenty of ice water too.

Pat and I had gone out to do some errands on Sunday and when we got home, I took the sandals off so I could put my feet up for a bit.  I noticed something stuck to my big toe.  What I thought was a piece of paper was a piece of skin from a blister that had broken.  It was already dry and healing.  I never felt it.  This is scary since I'm diabetic.   With the exception of a trip to Weight Watchers and the drugstore the following Monday, I never left the house until last Saturday.  I spent the week in my slippers or with the foot exposed to air to help it heal faster.  Thankfully, it's fine now.

Due to all the foot issues, I didn't spin.  There was only 380 yards to go on my sweater yarn.  I'll finish it this weekend.  Instead, I knit almost all my Buttercup top.  Then, I tried it on.  Fail!!  It's way too big.  When I tried it on the first time, after separating for the sleeves it looked fine.  I had added some extra stitches under the arm part of the body since I usually have a problem with snugness in that area.  So, off to the frog pond it went this morning.  I ripped it back to where I had separated for the sleeves, took out the extra stitches, and am now re-knitting the stockinette body.  About 1/4 of it is already back in.  There's no way I can finish before the end of the month for the Twisted Strandss KAL, but I will be wearing the darn thing this summer!

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Donna said...

Ughhh.. I hate when that happens. You still see yourself bigger than you are! That's awesome that you lost so much weight. And just think of the re-knitting as, errr, practice?