Friday, June 28, 2013

Currents Revived

I decided to revive this since it's been almost a year since I did one.

Listening: A/C running, Meatloaf's  "Bat Out of Hell" CD

Watching: Nothing right now.  Maybe a DVD movie later

Eating:  Nothing at the moment.  Maybe fish for supper.

Drinking: Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Wearing:  Purple t-shirt and gray shorts, barefoot right now

Reading:  Some new knitting books and PLY Magazine

Weather:  Sunny with temps in the 80's.  Showers possible later

Knitting:  Jelling Rune Stones Scarf, Sensu socksMystic Delight, Molly Scarf, a pair of self striping blue socks and a pair of plain vanilla socks.

Spinning: Empty wheels until midnight tonight when Tour de Fleece starts.  Then it's 4 ounces of a Spunky Eclectic braid for socks, 100 yards of my black Border Leicester fleece on a spindle, and about 8 ounces of my cria alpaca/hoggett merino fleece blend.

Wanting:  ice cream but not giving into the craving

Needing: to pick up a card and gift for Pat.  It's our anniversary tomorrow.  :)

Enjoying:  Feeling good the last few days.  Less foot and back pain.  (crosses fingers it lasts)

Looking Forward:  Spending time with Pat during his vacation next week.

Wondering:  if I can finish my Jelling Runes Scarf before Sunday so I can submit it to a KAL.

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