Friday, June 14, 2013

Items Starting With the Letter S.

My crafting has been productive lately.  There's been a few items finished or worked on, and they all start with the letter S.  Shawl, socks, spinning, sewing, and stained glass. 

Shawl:  Pimpelliese, Wingspan, Ceniza, and Color Affection are finished.  I just need to lightly block the Color Affection, which is huge, and take a pic.  I have a couple of mystery knit shawls started but haven't got too far on them yet.   Molly scarf is still getting worked on sporadically.  "Crosswords at the Coffee Shop" also finally got blocked.

Socks: "Dirty Little Freak", which matches the Wingspan,  and "Pink Chocolate" are finished. Again, I need to take a pic of the second pair. Right now, I have a pair of self striping socks in Fishknit "Blues", "Sensu" in Mad Color Fiber Arts in "Romance", and a plain vanilla pair in PacaPeds "Mixed Berries" all on the needles.  There were also a couple of hats knit.  "Seedling Dream" was fun and had some colorwork.  The cream alpaca one had cables in it.  

Spinning:  Currently, I'm rotating between 8 ounces of Fiber Optic in "Onyx to Crimson" gradient,  and 4 ounces of a 50/50 Silk/Yak blend.  Both are coming out super thin.  I've also got 2 bobbins (8 ounces) of a Flawful Fibers Merino/Bamboo blend called "Love in the Fog" waiting to be plied.

Sewing:  Don't get excited about this one.  This is not a usual addition to my crafting.   It's just been some mending and hemming pants.  There's some material on the side I want to make into simple skirts as well.  There might be a couple of light t-shirt type tops too. 

Stained Glass:  I've been looking at a few patterns and picking out sheets of glass to start a smaller project.  Since Rosebud kitty lives in my main craft room, I have to be careful not to leave any glass shards or tiny pieces out.  I don't want her to step on anything.  I think I will take the pieces, cutting board, and grinder outside for those parts of the project and work on the deck.  That should limit the possibility of anything being missed in the clean up.

 There hasn't been any time spent in the dye room lately, but, I plan to change that soon.  I've got a couple of colors in my head I want to put to fiber and yarn.

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