Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another Kitty Goodbye :( Knitting & Spinning Progress; Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 19th, saw me heading out to the vet for another final visit.  This time it was Tucker.  It was definitely his time.  He was only nibbling at his food and drinking very little.  He was mostly just sleeping.  When he tried to walk he was unsteady and appeared a bit confused.  The vet told me he was in liver failure and there was nothing else to do for him. Tucker was 20 years old.  He was the last of my original six cats in my calicokitty6 name. :(  Now, we have the dog, Pooh, and the Maine Coone cats.  There will be no more additions to the family.

As far as knitting is concerned, I managed to finish my Bee Leaf Half Pi Shawl, but, didn't get it blocked and photo'ed yet.  I also knit a "Zuzu's Petals" from a handspun Loop batt in a pastel rainbow pallette.  It needs a light blocking and pics as well.  Right now, I'm trying to finish my first pair of handspun socks.  These are being knit two at a time so I can use every bit of the skein of yarn.  There is no way to match the color transitions so they are fraternal twins.  lol  The Opal yarn socks are resting while I'm working on the handspun ones.  My "Mystic Delight" Shawl is also back in the rotation.  I'm hoping to finish that in a couple weeks.

The Minstrel wheel has the other braid of Spunky Eclectic "Kites" waiting for plying.  The Sonata wheel will be used for that so I can use the jumbo flyer and get just one big skein.  I plan to make either a scarf, hat, or mitts to match my socks with this.  The "Diablo" fiber had to be set aside since it tends to shed. I didn't want it to get in one of my surgery sites while they are healing.  Plans are to resume that next week as well.

I still have a weight lifting restriction of no more than 15 pounds until I see the doctor next week.  As soon as I get clearance, I plan to tear my craft room apart and set it back up in a more functional plan.  Then I can warp the loom and start making panels for an afghan/blanket.

Thanksgiving was a quiet day of just Pat and myself.  I made chicken instead of a turkey. Last night was leftovers and we still have enough for tonight.  :) 

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Kristen said...

So sorry about Tucker. Even though it was expected it's hard to say goodbye to your long-time kitty friend.
Hope you are continuing to heal and that we'll see you at the guild Xmas party. :-)