Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Re-Visiting and Crafting Projects

It's been a couple of interesting months as far as perspectives are concerned.

In January I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a while when I went to knit group at the LYS.  It was nice to visit with her for a few hours. 

That visit was part of my decision to re-visit a spin group and then decide to re-join it.  I've been away from this group for a few years and really missed seeing some of the people.  It was lovely to talk with many of them again.  This past Saturday was the monthly meeting so I went again and had a nice time. 

Yesterday, I learned the brother of a person I used to be very good friends with had passed away.  He was only 52.  I called to offer my condolences and might be re-visiting this person again after many years.  We have some stuff to work out first. If we resume the friendship, it will be different.

Crafting has been going on during this time.  As I posted in the previous entry, time was spent blocking oodles of shawls.  I also got some pics of finished projects, some which need blocking yet.

On the needles right now, I have a pair of Monkey socks, a pair of vanilla socks, the Niyritt Hat, and Mortica shawl.  That shawl isn't seeing any love right now.  I just can't deal with the black lace yarn.  It hurts my eyes to work on it, even with the Ott lamp and magnifier.  The Monkey socks have a plain foot instead of patterned.  The Niyritt Hat has a flat top with lots of cables.  The construction is a new to me style.  Also on the side is Brickless to be knit with Play at Life's yarn in the "Gloaming" colorway.  I've got two skeins of this and plan to make matching socks.

I've also been crocheting pet blankets for shelter animals.  These are for the annual drive with the Yarnivore Podcast.  So far, I've finished three with a fourth started.

The wheels have been busy as well.  I've finished a a 4.2 ounce braid of DkKnits Merino/Silk in the "Don't Touch the Tree" colorway.  It's pinks and green.  The way she dyed it has the colors repeating four times in the braid, so I did a chain ply.  The resulting yardage was 283.8 which isn't bad.  Skein number 6 of the Cria Alpaca/Merino Hogget blend is also on the wheel right now.

Here are some pics of unblocked items.  Artemsia Sweater, Molly Scarf and Cafe Au Lait Mitts, "Gloaming" yarn, and the finished pet blankets.  Molly and the mitts were done with the same yarn as a set.

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Kristen said...

All your projects from this post and the previous are amazing as usual- How do you do it?!