Saturday, June 10, 2006

My first spinning lesson was today!

I had my first lesson to learn how to use a spindle. It was a bit mind boggling to learn so much at one time. I have found an excellent instructor. He is very patient, explains everything in a way you can understand easily, and is very encouraging. I know my attempt was pathetic today, but he told me not to be critical of myself.

I did come home with "homework" to do. He wants me to spin a certain amount on the spindle and then call him so I can come back to learn the plying part. Yep, I"m so slow it will take me a month. Jonne said no - about a week or so. (I still think it will be longer than that, but I said o.k.) Right now it is not relaxing to do, as I was told. I guess once I get better at it, I will find it to be more soothing. I went through this with the knitting and stained glass lessons at the beginning too. I kind of lack self confidence when I start a new adventure. I will prevail!! I refuse to give in to a piece of fluff and a wooden stick!

My poor sweater is still not finished. I had wanted it finished before the spinning lesson. Unfortunately, I got a bit lazy about knitting some nights. I also have the excuse that I had to work a lot of late nights the last few weeks. Housework and DH also figured in there somewhere, too. It will be finished this week, though, at the exclusion of everything else (except the spinning). I only have about 3 or 4 inches to go on the sleeves, knit the neckband, and put in the sleeves. I can make it. (I hope)

I have gotten very interested in listening to different knitting podcasts lately. I have downloaded some including, CastOn, Knitting D and the City, PixiePurls, and KnitWits. I get my knitting out, put on the headphones and get comfortable in front of my computer for a while. Sometimes, I will laugh at a funny part and my DH thinks I am losing it. Then he realizes the headphones are on my ears. I really enjoy them and hope they are all around for a long time. I also loved the one Clara from Knitter' did.

Well, the washer has stopped and the dryer is waiting for me. I have to go do the "necessary" stuff so that I can enjoy my "fun" stuff after.

Have a great day and thanks for reading my musings.

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