Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spindle assaulted!!!!!

I have to confess. I have committed a crime against my spindle. Here I was spinning along, making a decent amount of progress. As I start to work a join in the draft, it happened.

Let me just say, it was not pre-meditated in any way or manner. As anyone who has spun yarn on a spindle knows, part of the process is to occassionally drop the foolish thing. I have done this several times, and even managed to catch it a few times as it was dropped.

Well, I have hardwood floors that are not very forgiving if you bang things on them. The tile in the kitchen is just as difficult about this issue.

Anyway, the other night, was the final attack. I cracked the top of the spindle near the hook, but wasn't too worried at that time about it. Giving it a test spin, it seemed fine. About a half hour later, it was a totally different scenario. I was happily spinning away when the hook popped out of the top and the spindle just spun itself across my living room floor.

I was in shock! Oh, my! What do I do now? I tried to glue the hook back in, but the crack had opened up too much to hold it.

I knew my DH would rescue me when he got home. He went right to his massive stash of construction supplies and pulled out some kind of epoxy glue, re-assured me it would be fine in a little while, and proceeded to put everything back together again. My hero!!

The spindle has a few scars, but works fine. I am using it tonight to try to finish my first yarn so I can return to the shop next week for my plying lesson.

At least the cats don't seem to care about it spinning in front of them so far. Shhhh. Don't let them know I think I am safe from their paws.


KnitWit said...

Hi, I know u from knitter's review forums :)

I thought u might like to know that your blog, where the title of each post is, it's bright red. That makes it really difficult to see with your current template.

Mine might be just as tough to view for others. You can take a gander via my KnitWit name, but it's me, Noli!

Mind letting me know if my blogs are difficult to read?

calicokitty6 said...

Hi and thanks for the commment.
Thanks for letting me know about the problem with the red letters on my background. I changed the background and I think it will be better. Let me know what you think.

Fiberjoy said...

How's the spinning coming, are you starting to relax while spinning yet? Hang in there, it will come! Is the spindle still working? It's great that your husband was able to mend the poor thing. Now you have a personalized spindle!

When I was a child our beloved house cat was named Calico. She had a wonderful, children-proof temperament.