Thursday, November 01, 2007

White Fleece Progress.....Getting Lost in My Own State.....

On Saturday, I originally was suppose to do some stuff with my husband, but our plans were changed, leaving me with a few hours to myself. Instead of doing the housework, I played hooky. I decided to meet up with Marva from my Spinning Guild at Sue Di Nola's Sit and Spin in Oakland. Well, I got lost for over 2 hours, riding around in circles and never found the place. After all this time, I decided to head over to Woonsocket to Yarnia and meet up with Kimberly and Jen. Joseph was the perfect host and his mom, Linda, was great to spend time with also. I did cave in and buy some Claudia Silk Lace weight for a shawl in a beautiful light blue variegated. I also plan to head back there this weekend for that other skein of Claudia and maybe the Cherry Tree lace weight in bright yellow, red, and orange which was calling to me, begging to come home with me.

The white fleece is drying in the shed as I type. It's been there since Sunday. Hopefully, it will be ready for me to bag up the Saturday. With the temps being a bit cooler, it's taken a little longer to dry completely.

I took some of the gray to be checked by Jonne. It seems we were a little aggressive and pushed it under the water a bit too fast, resulting in a slight felting in some of it. Also he found dandruff in some of the locks. The recommendation is to toss that part because I will not be able to get it out properly. Besides, who wants that in their yarns? Yuck.

I am part of a Fiber Prep group on Ravelry. The founder is holding a blend-a-long, which I signed up for. I picked up some orange Merino and white silk. These are the fibers she wants us to use for this. I think the orange reminds me of pumpkins, with it's spice shade. The blended item will look like pumpkin mousse with whip cream worked in, or a dark cremesicle. I love the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream treats. "No Pudge" used to make a great sugar free version. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them for quite a while.

Yesterday, I was checking e-mail and found the latest issue of my Knitting and Crochet Guild Newsletter. It was cool to see my interview published in it. Of course, I hated my picture, but, I did make good use of it. I printed it out and now it's my reminder to stay on track with the food issues. Weight Watchers suggests doing this anyway. I had a picture before, but it "mysteriously" disappeared. Hmmmmmmm.

O.K. It's time to get back to work on Clapotis 1. I'm about to start section 4. Hopefully, I can get this finished by next weekend. I need to also finish the MS3 by December 10Th in order to have a couple of days for blocking. My Christmas Party is on the 14Th and I really want to wear it for that.

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