Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drum Carder is HERE!!! More Yarn Goodies, Too....

I had ordered my drum carder from Manmade By Jonne and had a call one day about a week ago, letting me know it was in. I was surprised because I didn't think it would be here until this week. I've yet to use it because it needs to be clamped to a table and mine doesn't have a smooth edge. It has a graduated curve to it. My plan is to have Pat come up with a way to attach it to the table. If the craft room is cleared out, I should be able to use that table instead. Just getting it arranged is taking time. My husband needs to get the treadmill out of there first.

I've been playing with some dye as well. A friend of mine showed me how to dye some of my yarn and fiber. Now I'm addicted. I love the unexpected colors at the end. I thought some would be lighter or darker than they came out. The end result reminds me of stained glass in this aspect of not knowing until it's done how it will truly look. Of course, this new fixation of mine has led to a purchase from Knit Picks to see how their Bare yarn takes color.

Ravelry members who are de-stashing are also figuring in my fiber world lately. I've bought more yarns and fiber from a few ladies, and have a few more on the way.

I'm still working on the modified Pi Shawl. I had to start over after losing six stitches. Actually, I never lost them. I just miscounted the cast on row and was six stitches short. DUH!! That's what I get for not counting the row twice. MS3 hasn't been touched lately, due to other projects as stated above.

I have been spinning some of my fibers up. I finished up 3.75 ounces of domestic wool roving I had gotten from the Etsy shop, A Knitting Duck a/k/a LittleQuacky on Ravelry. While trying to ply from a center pull ball, I snarled up the last bit of singles, so I ended up with about 3.50 ounces and about 200 yards of yarn. Right now, I'm finishing up a lovely Merino fiber, "Violet Coral", I purchased last Fall from Knitspin at her Etsy shop. It's soft blue with violets and pinks. I weighed the roving out and split it in half making 2 two-ounce balls. Hopefully I have spun this even enough to not have any or very little left over after plying. I plan to make Victorian Lace wristlets with this.

I have to get packed for this weekend's spinning retreat. I have the fiber in the car already, and the suitcase with the clothes ready. I just need to add a few odds and ends and will be ready to hit the road. Oh, of course, the wheel goes in the car first. lol

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Donna said...

oooohhhhhh I can't wait for the weekend! I'll see you on Friday!