Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Wrist Saga Continues......

On Thursday, I went to the podiatrist, then the orthopedic doctor. Ortho doc decided I needed an MRI of the wrist. I thought it was healing well, but, he didn't agree. I usually go for MRIs of my head every few years because of migraines, so asked to be booked at the same place for this test. Upon leaving the ortho office, I went by the MRI office. Now, I'm extremely claustrophobic and usually require a dose of Valium an hour before this test. This time, my appointment was for an hour after I stopped by there. No time to get a script for the Valium or time to take it. Cold turkey for this one.......Well, I went in, had the test, and survived fine. The only part of me out of the machine was my eyes and top of my head. It took a full hour for the test because of all the small bones in your wrist. Now, I wait to see the doc on Thursday to learn the results. I think he was looking for a cyst on the scapula because of the thumb pain. The rest of the wrist feels much better.

I went to Yarnia to treat myself for doing so well during the test. I came home with a skein of Cherry Tree Sock yarn in solid black, and two other colors of a soft yarn for socks, one yellow and one lilac.

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Luv2knit said...

I wish you the best of luck on your wrist. I broke my hand this time last year. I needed 5 pins put it. I came thru OK. All that matters is that I can still knit! Keep you in my prayers. Lisa