Sunday, January 20, 2008

A visit to the yarn store.....More Yarn Goodies... And Pretty Sheets of Glass....

Yesterday was a nice day for a drive so I went to Tiverton to Sakonnet Purls and met up with Kimberly. I ended up being very late getting there due to the long line at the post office. Apparently, everyone who wanted a passport was there yesterday to apply for it. I just wanted to pick up my package which was waiting for me. It was the one for the yarn de-stash purchase I did on Ravelry from MomSue84. If anyone is on Ravelry and wants a great person to shop from, this is the lady. Her choices of yarn to destash are terrific.

Anyway, I finally get to Sakonnet Purls. After a quick hello, I shopped for a bit. Actually quite a bit. Happy Feet, Schaefer Anne, Claudia, Alpaca Sox, Regia, and Malabrigio Lace were the yarns I bought along with some big buttons. I might use one as a shawl pin after I attach a clip or pin to the back of it.

After talking to Kimberly and the other ladies for a while, I headed homeward. As I approached the exit for Rehoboth, I decided to detour to the Glass Emporium glass shop. I came out of there with a few sheets of stained glass. All are mixed colors. There's a Yougaghani in a deep shade red with yellow and orange in it. Two of those found their way to the counter and into my car. I found one sheet which is predominantly green, but has many colors in it reminding me of a smudged, muted, field of flowers off in the distance. That's all I bought which is really good for me. Usually I buy a lot more at a time. There were only a couple of people in the store when I got there. The shop was closing at the time I got there, and the owner was nice enough to let me shop first.

I also managed to find a pair of pajamas I like at Catherine's. I need them for the spinning retreat on February 1.

Then I stopped for a pizza at Papa John's for supper before I went home. After eating, and sharing with the animals, I got comfortable and worked on the modified Pi Shawl for 2 hours until my husband came home from work. I didn't want to quit in the middle of a repeat, so I spent another hour knitting until my eyes were trying to close.

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Donna said...

It was great meeting you at Panera last night with Marva. Looking forward to the retreat!

Great blog.... mine is in sad need of updating. You inspired me to make an entry!

See you soon