Sunday, February 01, 2009

Spin In With Friends and Fiber Shopping

Yesterday was our monthly Spin In at RI Handspun in Oakdale, RI. It's right across from the Burriville police station. I managed to get about 3 ounces of my "Pie Toss" spun up. It seemed to be a "red" day with several shade of reds and pinks in the room. A few other colors were present as well.

After the Spin In, Sarah drove Marva and myself to visit our friend Sandi's farm. After a delicious supper at the Green Onion, we went back to the farm to fiber shop. I came home with some rose gray Coopworth pin drafted roving to start a sweater. It's so soft and squishy. Marva and Sarah also got some beautiful fibers. In my opinion, Sandi has the best sense for colors and blending. She knows just how much of each color and what fibers to put together. Sometimes there is a little glitz in her stuff, but some is non sparkly like my recent purchase.

The Fabulously Late KAL started knitting sweaters in January. The plan is for me to use the Coopworth for that as well as for the Spinner Central spin for the quarterly SAL for sweaters which started in January. My Merino hasn't been heard from in a while, but will be back on the Minstrel soon. I was thinking of that fiber yesterday and how it needs to be finished. I still have over 2 pounds to spin.

My wrist has been acting up again, so I have to take a break from working on my crochet and knitting projects. Spinning doesn't bother it. Unfortunately, I won't finish my Dragon Scale Shawl by tonight. I had to pull out 20 rows of lace knitting the other night due to a mistake. I thought I could hide it, but it was too obvious. The scale was not diamond shaped at all. That's what I get for trying to knit with a distraction. Four rows are back in already. I will finish it this week though, once the wrist feels better. After putting those two repeats back in, one more might be enough and it will be ready for blocking.

I need to finish my Morning Surf Scarf from the Ply By Night KAL, too.


Donna said...

Remind me about the next spin in. I keep forgetting about them. That would have been fun.

Hope your wrist feels better. It's superbowl and I have knitted nothing.....

Better get moving!

bySarah said...

I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. Sandi's stuff is amazing. I am spinning up the current stuff in my spinning queue faster than usual so I can get to the roving I bought from her on Sat!!