Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Spinning and Catching Up

I don't know where the sudden burst of spinning energy came from. "Millie" Minstrel was very well loved this past week. On Thursday, I finished Navajo plying the "Mandy", completing the third skein. Then, I immediately started spinning the fiber from my DkKnits fiber club January shipment, "Blueberry Hill Yogurt". The 4 ounces of singles were finished by Saturday! I never spin 4 ounces in 2 days, so this is a record for me. :)

Just so "Esme" Sonata wouldn't feel lonely, I also finished up the 4 ounces of "Pie Toss" singles on Sunday. This is also good since I can now pop the Jumbo Flyer on and ply each of these up. It was a tight fit at the end of each of the singles' bobbins.

My Morning Surf Scarf also saw some love yesterday. It was time to wash the comforter and blankets, so I had to head off to the Laundromat. I managed to get about 6 rows in while the machines did their thing. I hate to just sit and read at the laundry. My hands need to be busy. Plus I get to talk to my friend when she's not busy with customers.

Tonight, it's back to the wheels to do the plying and then whichever needles call me for the knitting. The shawl is still here along with a scarf in chunky baby alpaca I sort of started but am not happy with. The pattern is developing as I go along and not quite what I want.


Monet said...

We need more pics from you. :)

Donna said...

You must have felt the spinning vibes from us at the retreat this weekend! Glad you had a productive weekend. I spun my whole pound of wool - a record for me. I will put the pics on the blog tonight hopefully!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I cant WAIT to see all your spinning show and tell on saturday!!