Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Few Days of Fiber Fun

Last Thursday I spent part of the day in my dye room creating. I dyed up 7 ounces of a Merino/Silk blend and 8 ounces of Rambouillett fiber. I also dyed a pound of Mohair batts. Here are the pictures of the Merino/Silk pieces. I'm planning to blend the Merino/Silk on my drumcarder since the silk is a bit clumpy. The two colors complement each other so it will make a pretty fiber blend. The Rambouillett braids remind me or roses in a Victorian garden at Dusk so I am naming them "Gothic Roses".

Last Sunday was a cold, clear, sunny day. It also was the first gathering of the Happy Hands Fiber Arts group in North Stonington, CT. This is a social group, made up with people who are getting together to share a love of fiber arts, have fun, and learn from each other. It is not a guild or formal group.
It's very diverse. We had spinners, knitters, crocheters, needlefelters, and one person using hand cards for the first time. There were a few people who raise sheep and offered fiber for sale. I did come home with some lovely light gray Shetland pin drafted roving.
The building is bright, airy, and had lots of windows which allow the natural light to come in. We have a complete kitchen that looks out onto the main room. There is a sitting area with a sofa, chairs, and a t.v. if someone wants to use the sofa instead of sitting on a wooden or folding chair. I think the building is only a few years old. There are no steps to go in, just a flat entrance. When the weather is nice, we can sit outside at the picnic tables, or, in order to stay out of the sun, under the large entrance portico. I can't wait for the next gathering in February.
My Sonata accompanied me to this maiden gathering and I was busy spinning some Falkland fiber from Fibers4Ewe Mill in the colorway called "Desert Storm".

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Donna said...

I like the Desert Storm colorway. It reminds of socks I had knitted for a gift for somebody. Nice and cheerful!