Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Plans Don't Go as You Think

My plans for today were to get up early and start prepping for a dye day in my room. This didn't happen thanks to my hot water tank giving up the fight. Pat went down stairs and found a puddle half way across the boiler room. Thankfully, it didn't go anywhere near the wall for my room. All the bins were safe and dry. Luckily, he caught it right after it let go so more water wasn't going into the tank to leak out. It's also a good thing he can install the new one tonight. I'm also glad it didn't let go when he was in the sling with his shoulder surgeries. We would have simply switched to the boiler's hot water system, which is our back-up.

The plan now is to have a dye day on Monday. I already have some of the colors in mind. Trying to not use my favorites of blues, purples, and pink can be a challenge. Lately, some of the finished products have been really pretty and completely outside of my comfort zone. Warm Earth tones are not my favorite. There has been shades of green, orange, black, brown, and yellow used. And the funny part is I really like how they are all coming out. :)

Since I couldn't do the dyeing today, I did some Navajo plying instead. The "Dark Storm" is finished and awaiting it's bath.

Here is a picture of Tiger on the back of my recliner. I have a bin of yarn on the seat to keep them off, but, Isabella decided it would make a comfy spot to snooze anyway. Tiger felt she needed some grooming and had been washing her face. He stopped just as I went to take the picture. Katy is also snoozing behind Tiger. You can just see Katy's ears and top of her head behind Tiger's back.

Now, I'm going to evict the kitties from my chair so I can get comfortable and knit for a while.


Monet said...

Pretty Kitties!

Donna said...

That was kind of like my day yesterday. The septic decided to backup Sunday so there went another $300 I wasn't planning on spending. It also stopped progress on soaking my finished projects and all the yarn I had just plied!

Enjoy your dye day today. I am jealous.