Friday, January 01, 2010

Pizza Party!!

Plans were to make pizza last night. Pat and I got busy doing other things, and it got too late. So, we made it tonight instead.

A couple of weeks ago, we found a gluten free pizza crust mix at Whole Foods that sounded good. You have to make the crust from scratch and let it rise for a while. We made a nice cheese and onion pizza with it. The only problem was the crust came out a bit thicker than Pat liked.

This time, we mixed the crust the same way, but I separated it into two pans. After it has time to rise, I smooshed it out to make two nice thin crusts. We used Classico "Four Cheese" Sauce, Sargento Pizza blend Cheese, and Hormel Pepperoni. Doesn't it look delicious? It really is!!

This is one item I can see making a repeat appearance in my house many times.

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Donna said...

Pizza - I could eat it every day. I'm glad he was able to find the gluten free so he can enjoy those types of things.