Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Spinning on My Wheel For Me

Thanks to my current back and leg pain, I've had to miss out on participating in the spinning demo at Washington County Fair this year. If I try to treadle my wheel, I have pain running from my back into my leg all the way to the front of my calf. One of my spindles has been getting some use though. I have an appointment next week with my orthopedic doctor so hopefully, I will get some relief.

So instead of spinning, I'm still knitting. Legolas was finished a few days ago, but is still not blocked at this time. (This pattern is part of the Fellowship of the Rings series and not available individually.) The first "Rosebud Sock" is coming along nicely. Tonight was my knitting guild meeting at one of the member's home. I was going to go, but didn't feel up to it. The last three weeks has been spent pretty much at home.

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