Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Slow Road Back

As I sit here thinking about this past week, I feel some good progress has been made. Tuesday saw me able to spin on my wheel again. I only spent about 15 minutes but it felt so good just to put my feet on the treadles again. The leg and back were o.k. and I plan to do another 15 minutes later today. I figure it's a good idea to work my way into it slowly again.

Last night found me just relaxing and watching t.v. The shocking part is - No knitting! I just didn't feel like it.

I'm a little worried about my Rosebud socks. These are lace socks worked over a 24 row pattern. The original toe-up pattern from Wendy Knits uses a 450 yard skein. I must have missed this when I stash dived for these. I chose a gorgeous hot pink/fuchsia skein of Socks That Rock in "Lover's Leap". Unfortunately, there is only 360 yards in the skein. The first sock is knit through the heel flap and put aside. The second sock will be started tonight and worked until I get to the same point. After weighing the yarn, and sock 1, it should take another 1.5 ounces to do this. That will leave me 1.5 ounces to finish them. At this time, I estimate I can get 2 full repeats on the leg, which looks to be what is in the original photo. If I have enough, I will knit the rib section even though it might be a little shorter than the original. The other option I have is to dye a skein in a similar color which will give a slight contrast at the top and use that for the rib. I will have to wait and see how it turns out.

While on the road to the store, I made a quick visit to JoAnn's and got a second Ott Lamp for my living room. I really needed better lighting near my recliner and didn't want to keep moving the other lamp back and forth from the desk area. The new lamp has a magnifier attachment. Lately, I've noticed the small stitches are just a tiny bit harder to see. I do have reading glasses, but can't find them right now. I might put the lamp together later and then I can use it to start the second Rosebud sock later.

As for the back, I am feeling much better. The last few days have seen much improvement in my walking and moving around. There has even been a couple visits to the store. Maybe the cooler temperatures and less humidity of late are helping calm the muscles down. I did notice less swelling in my feet and hands which I usually have during the summer months.

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Kristen said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back in the groove. Keep taking it slow and easy!