Thursday, September 09, 2010

Finishing and Starting

The Rosebud Socks are finished and I've started the Crocus Socks. I know crocuses come in many colors, but the one in my yard is a beautiful shade of purple. Because of this, I decided to knit these in Cascade Heritage Sock yarn in color number 5625 "Hyacinth". It's a pretty solid shade of purple and it shows the stitch definition really well. I do like the feel of the yarn and the way it knits. The pattern is a 16 row repeat which makes a very pretty lace.

While looking for the yarn for the Crocus socks, I found my missing fiber I want to spin for the lace part of my February Lady Sweater. It's only been missing for about a year and a half. Ironically, it was in the bin right in the living room. This fiber is from Wintechog Hill Farm and is a Coopworth Hoggett/Alpaca Cria/ Angelina blend in black. I might need to get more though. I think I will be short on the yardage. I did finish both shades of the "I Wanna Be A Pink Poinsettia" singles. I need to ply a sample of the two shades to see if I like the look or if I need to ply each shade separately. After that is finished, I want to spin some more of my Junebug fleece and the black fiber. I might alternate so I don't get bored with just one color.

This weekend's plan include spending some time in my craft room washing some fleece on Saturday and getting together with my Happy Hands pals on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing them since I wasn't able to make it to the August gathering.

Evenstar is getting some attention as well. The new Ott lamp really helps a lot. I'm no longer struggling trying to see the tiny stitches with a table lamp.

As far as my current health issues, I'm doing o.k. There is still a lot of pain in the back and leg, but I can't do anything about that right now. I've been trying to walk and move around more which should help. This week's weigh-in found me 2 pounds lighter which is good. I hope this upcoming weigh-in finds me down some more.

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