Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh No!! Camera Batteries Died....Solstice Spinning Plans

Last Wednesday was the monthly Ocean State Knit and Crochet Guild meeting. I love spending time with these ladies. I always come away with a smile on my face and heart. I actually had finished objects for show and tell. Everyone loved Legolas and Rosebud. The in progress Crocus socks were also shown off. I've been meaning to get some pictures of Legolas and Rosebud Socks, so today I set them up for their photo shoot on the outside table. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the batteries were kaput in the camera with no more in the house. I'll pick some up tomorrow since my back was not co-operative with walking today. Dealing with the pain is a day to day, sometimes hour to hour, thing.

I did spend a couple hours on the deck with Millie Minstrel Navajo plying 4 ounces of Superwash BFL fiber. The deck still isn't finished yet. It needs it's railings and handrail as well as staining/sealing. The temptation to sit outside was too much to resist. I just put my chair on the house side, turned my face to the nice breeze, and relaxed. Pat was working on putting up my new clothesline poles while I was out there. There will be 4 shorter lines instead of just the one long one, which will give me twice the amount of space to hang clothes.

Tonight is the Fall Solstice and the completion of our latest round on the "Spin Your Stash" group on Ravelry. I added up all the spinning I had done since the Spring Solstice. Including the 4 ounces I finished today, my total of spun and plied yarn/fiber is 5 pounds. I've set some goals for the round which will end with the next Spring Solstice. There is not an actual poundage goal for this one, but, plans to finish my Junebug fleece, spin up at least one of my 92 quart bins, finish a spinning UFO that is 3 years in the works, wash 4 fleeces and get them to the mill for processing. That's enough to keep me busy. :)

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