Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fiber Explosion!

Yesterday, Friday, a trip to Putnam, CT to the Fibers4Ewe Mill meant coming home with 5 bags of soft, squishy, luscious processed fiber to spin.  It's looked like an explosion when I brought them in the house.  lol  The picture is outside my door in the drive after I got them out of the car.

The 5 bags are:  Cria Alpaca/Merino blend, White Border Leicester/Mohair blend, Black Border Leicester, Polypay, and Merino.  The black Romney hoggett and 3/4 of a huge Coopworth fleece are still at the mill, waiting for processing.

After bringing these home, I decided to skip the CT Sheep & Wool Festival today.  I don't need anything.  Plus, thanks to still not feeling 100% terrific, I didn't really have the incentive to go this year.

I've been knitting on my Vittorio scarf and have a little over 1/3 of it finished.


Craftsteader said...

Yum! Nothing like bags and bags of gorgeous freshly milled fibers!

Anonymous said...

You went to Putnam and didn't bother to go to CT sheep and wool?!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to drive back to CT on Saturday either. I can't go to Mass this year because I'll be at a family reunion. That is one of my favorite festivals because its just the right size. They have enough vendors, but it isn't overwhelming.

Donna said...

looks like heaven!!!