Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Four S's ~ Shawl, Scarf, Socks, & Spinning

Shawl:  Flamboyan is almost finished. I've got about 2.5 inches of edging plus the bind off to go. It's actually too big to spread out on the needles now.  The pattern called for 400 yards of each color, so I had to buy 3 skeins of each.  I did add about 3 inches to the center part to make it a bit bigger. I really wanted to use as much of the skein as I could.  The ball in the picture is skein 2 which I started the edging with. The left overs will become my first pair of 2 color socks with different color ribbing, heels, and toes.

Scarf: Vittorio has been cast on and looks great in the Koigu yarn.  It's a fun, interesting knit and is moving right along. Again, I have more than enough for this project, but I don't plan to alter the pattern and make it longer.

Socks:  Kandahar saw a tiny bit of love this week.  Sock 1 has been finished for over a month.  I'm about halfway through the first 16 row pattern repeat on the leg of Sock 2. 

Spinning:  Braid #2 of my "Autumn Rainbow" has been spun for a bit. Last Sunday found me spinning a pretty turquoise/teal green to use as the third ply.  It will be my first true 3 ply. Usually, I just Navajo ply to get a 3 ply, but I've been trying to broaden my spinning experiences lately.  It's a good thing I have the jumbo flyer on my Sonata wheel since this is now a 6 ounce fiber project.

My Minstrel currently is home to some lovely pinky purple fiber from Fibers 4 Ewe.  I had spun some of this fiber a couple years ago and was lucky enough to get more last year.  I liked Fibernymph's idea to spin something old then something new, so I'm copying it.  My "old" fiber is anything before 2011.

My "I Love Fred" yarn is here.  It will become my first self striping socks with an afterthought heel.

I did add a bit of fiber to the stash when I caught a Loop update recently. "Smitten" and "Surfs Up" screamed "pick me!" when I saw them.

The mouth is feeling much better, but, still giving me some issues.  My diabetes has been a little out of whack lately thanks to the previous infection.  This is causing everything to heal a bit slower than it should.  My dentist is pleased with my progress and I have another follow up in a couple weeks. I hope it's the last one. :)

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Donna said...

I Love Fred has some great colors in it. Lucky girl - you caught the loop update. I totally forgot. Just as well - I have so much I have to finish spinning first. You got some great batts! Are you going to navajo ply them?