Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Full Bobbins and Needles, Feeling Better

First, let me say Happy Memorial Day to everyone.  It's important to remember the men and women who serve or have served to keep our country safe and help us to enjoy the freedoms we have.  Bless them all. 

Saturday was the monthly spin in at RI Handspun.  I brought a big bag of  "Mr. Attitude" fiber to spin.  Since I'm spinning thicker than usual, I wasn't sure how much I could accomplish and didn't want to run out.  I filled a bobbin and a half before switching to knit on the My Wish Shawl, which I'm knitting for the Apple Blossom and Ewe Shawl KAL. 

As of this past Sunday, May 27, I have 501 yards of bulky chain plied yarn toward my sweater.  I need about 1800 yards total.  This is for the Apple Blossom and Ewe Sweater SAL/KAL.  I've found my comfort zone and am spinning the thicker singles I need with no trouble now. The first bobbin had me really concentrating on it so I wouldn't do my default thinner singles.  The sweater pattern chosen is definitely the Top Down Swing Coat #603 by Deb Gemmell.

Yesterday, Monday, found me needing a break from all the gray fiber.  I put my hand in my "next" bin and pulled out Fat Cat Knits Polwarth in the colorway "Lilacs".  This is purples, greens, and yellows.  It's dyed in a sort of gradient.  There's purples at both ends with a little bit mixed in the greens and yellows.  It's just such a happy, Spring color combo.

While at the spin in, I also ordered the heddles for my table loom.  I'm looking forward to replacing the ones that came with my loom, which I found on Craigslist last year.  I can't wait to set it up on the deck under the awning, and do some weaving on it.  :)

Healthwise, I'm feeling better.  The dentist had to remove one of my implants temporarily in order to let my mouth heal and fight the infection which was returning again.  That has since gone away, and I'm finally on the mend. The diabetes numbers are better due to that, too. Everything else is good right now. 

The animals have adapted for the most part to the loss of Katy.  Megan still wakes up meowing and looking for her, but otherwise is fine.

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