Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Great Day For A Blocking Party and Photos

Yesterday, Saturday, was perfect weather for me to block some finished knitting as I had planned.  Unfortunately, I went to bed very late Friday night and therefore started my Saturday much later than planned.  This resulted in me skipping my dyeing day. 

Here's some of the items I blocked and took photos of yesterday.  The washcloths and socks photos are not blocked items.  I stuffed one of the socks with a hand towel to make it stand up for the picture.  I wanted to show the lace pattern more. 

Pat took the pictures of me with the Vittorio Shawlette.

The next picture is of me trying to show the length of the shawlette. It's about 72 inches long by 18 inches from top to bottom at the center.  Some of the points got folded under but they go the entire edge.

This is the start of the "My Wish" Shawl.  I wanted a neutral colored shawl so I'm using a skein of undyed yarn and a skein of one I dyed in shades of gray. I switched from the 16" needle to a 24" last night.  This part is a simple knit that is great for group knitting and chatting.

I didn't take a picture of the other washcloth and vanilla socks on the needles.  My yarn skeins still need their baths so no pics of them yet either.

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Donna said...

Great colors in your shawl. Pat is a good photographer!