Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Finished Stash Dash Projects

Stash Dash 2016 has finished and I managed to complete the 5K portion. It was close but I squeaked in the last project at 11:48pm on Sunday - 12 minutes before the end. :)  My total was 5274.26 meters.   My last three items were my August YOSSRATS socks, four Vivid Squares, and a 4-ounce batt of Merino from Copperpot Woolies in the "Whisper" colorway.  Here's a link to my project page for this.

Sadly, my Big Island Wrapper wasn't finished in time since I had to order more yarn.  Since I have quite a bit extra yarn now, I'm adding extra repeats in the remaining portions.  The pattern is simple and won't be affected by my doing this.  



I still need to pick my September YOSSRATS yarn from the bin.  I just can't make up my mind. :)

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