Saturday, August 06, 2016

Mail Yarn and Fiber Goodies, Knitting Group and Sock Fail

It's been a fabulous mail week here.  My prize from "The Corner of Knit and Tea" podcast came in. It's a 4-ounce bag of Portuguese Merino from Hello Yarn in the "Wheat" colorway.  I have never spun this breed or anything from this dyer before so I'm looking forward to that. 

Yesterday was the delivery of my other fiber prize from "Fiber Pusher" podcast.  It's a 8-ounce bag of a Merino blend in a pretty pale lilac purple/taupe color and soooo soft. I haven't taken it's picture yet.  My other order from Knit Picks came in at the same time, so I can get back to my Big Island Wrapper.

A little over a month ago, I hurt my leg and had quite a bit of trouble maneuvering stairs and curbs. Pat has been driving me whenever I have ventured out of the house which has been only when necessary.  Yesterday was my first time driving myself.  I went to knit group, and then did a couple of quick, easy errands.  Sadly, I ended up ripping out about ten rows of my progress on my sock. I had managed to drop a stitch on each side and both had run down.  It's all back together and I've started the heel again. 

The sock fail is with my other yarn selection for August.  It's a light fingering weight yarn and wasn't working with the pattern I wanted to use.   The design was getting lost in the yarn colors.  The skein is back in stash and I think it might become a shawl instead.

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Kristen said...

You are on a lucky streak! Glad your leg is better. The Big Island Wrapper is a gorgeous pattern. I may add it to the list of shawls I never make!