Friday, July 15, 2005

The klutz monster strikes

Tragedy struck my house last night. When I came home from stained glass class, I went to put my seascape, extra glass sheets, and tools away in my craft room. The klutz monster came out and I tripped over the gate. I should have opened the gate instead of climbing over the dumb thing. One of my cats live in this room because one of the others beats up on her. The big bully. The water bowl splashed all over me and the dry food flew in every direction. There I was belly-down covered in kitty kibble and soaking wet with glass fragments all around and under me. The seascape was totally destroyed along with the three full sheets of glass I had just bought before class. Luckily, I was not impaled by any of the pieces. I just hurt my knee, leg, have a couple of small cuts on one hand, and wounded my pride for being so stupid to do this in the first place.
Thanks to my dear, sweet husband, the mess got cleaned up fast. Now I need to start over with the seascape this weekend. Maybe it will be even better.

After all this commotion, I had to knit a while to calm me down. Whoever said knitting is relaxing knows what they are talking about. I just sat with the ice pack on my leg and knit away.

Since the weekend is suppose to be lousy weather-wise, I am setting my goal at 20 rows on the sweater and ribbing on the socks. I intend to make it no matter what.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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