Sunday, July 31, 2005

Knit, knit, knit.....

That is what I have been doing lately. Why is it the last portion of something always takes so long to get done? The last inch needed before I make the side splits near the bottom of my sweater just seems to not end. Once that part is done, I can knit the side split portion and start on the sleeves.

I am knitting so furiously, one side of my circulars is now flat instead of round. It still slides the yarn o.k. so I will keep using them anyway.

For some unknown reason, the body appeared to be using more yarn than the pattern called for. To play it safe, I picked up two extra skeins at my local LYS. They were having a buy one-get one half off sale. I exercised my self-control and only bought the two skeins I needed and got out of the store really fast before temptation called me back. If I don't need them, they can go back to the store later.

The seascape is progressing as well and hopefully will be completed soon. I need to finish my hummingbird and blossom window soon too. I hit the stained glass store sale yesterday and stocked up on red glass -- needed that for future projects. Now I need to plan something with it.

I found a nice fireplace screen today at a flea market and snatched it up cheap,cheap. It called to me and I had to buy it. I am one of those people who can go to the flea markets and not buy anything usually. I think I will pick something with flowers for the theme of that. My husband thought I planned to use it as is with the screen in place. When I told him my plans for it, he thought it was a good idea. I hope he likes the finished product.

The crochet is on hold with me trying to finish the knitting right now. Plan to get back to that soon.

All 4-legged children are behaving and not fighting. I am so thankful for that. Maybe it's too hot for them to be bothered to move much.

Well, back to work tomorrow ---- yuck. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I will ramble some more soon.

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