Friday, December 30, 2005

Elizabeth I scarf is started for the fourth time.

I started my "Town and Country" scarf again today during my lunch break. I am ready to do the first row of lace and pray I can follow the chart correctly. I have never actually worked with charts. All my other projects were written directions. We are expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow for New Year's Eve. I will be hunkered down with this, a hot drink, and watching the white stuff from the window.

I just peaked in at KR and saw Ellieknits had left a thread about her gift from me. I am so glad she really liked everything. If she wants more of the yarn, I will offer to give her name to my friend, Robin, who has it.The fleece for this yarn came from the farm where her daughter works and Robin had it spun into yarn. I also bought some of the same yarn for myself. We exchanged gifts at work and she gave me some of a dark gray/black color to complement my natural tone. All the yarn is in it's natural shades . There also was a new tote bag and the book shaped like a sock. She knows I like to make socks and thought I would like it. It's one of the few books that was not in my library and now is proudly displayed on the shelf with it's sister sock books for future use.

I am itching to start my Mary Jane Cardigan too. I might start that this weekend as well as work on the scarf.

The three kittens went to the vet yesterday with my DH and got their rabies shots. "Daddy" is so good with them. They don't know I plan to wean them from the bedroom this weekend and hope to have them completely out of there by next week. My other cats don't go in there at all unless they sneak in when I open the door. All the "kids" have the run of the rest of the house so they are not deprived. Spoiled is more like it. Last night Katy stole my tuna I had just put in a bowl on the counter. I hated to do it, but I had to punish her for it. Everyone else, including the dog, got the tuna. She got nothing and a long lecture from me. You would think she knew what I was saying. She started meowing at me loudly in protest, but I would not give in to her. Little brat.

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