Saturday, December 17, 2005

Very Busy Week

Oh what a week it was. I never made it to the post office last weekend because the oilman was very late getting here and it closed. Now I have to go today. I had planned to get there after work one day this week, but I had so much happening, I never made it. I will be going as soon as I finish this.

I did manage to finish another Christmas gift. Now I need to finish 2 more stained glass gifts this weekend and I will only have the hooded scarf to complete. That may have to become a birthday gift in February instead of a Santa gift. I can't wait to finish my "to do for the holidays" list so I can get back to my "me" list. I have some things on that list earmarked for gifts, but with no need to be finished by dates. Less stress.

A friend of ours rescued some kittens in the end of September and we did the foster care for them. All five of them survived and are now getting into everything. We ended up keeping three of them, since my husband became so attached to them. The person who saved them has the other two. We visit them several times a week and get to see the babies too.

I had done foster care before and knew what to expect. It was a first time experience with kittens for my DH, so he was a bit nervous at first. He had done this with puppies before and it was the same thing. Once I showed him how to feed, burp, and make the babies go to the bathroom, he was fine and got right into doing it. He was wonderful. I tried not to get too attached to them, because originally they were to be found new homes when we weaned them from the bottle. Now we have them for good, I love them as much as he does.

My other cat, Katy, is still hissing at them. The intro to her is going very slowly. We only let them together when we are in the room. Hanna, our younger Peke, is very protective of the kittens, shadowing them when they walk around the livingroom. Babs, the mother Peke, checks them out and could care less if they are here.

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