Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Learning new computer skills

I finally learned how to download pictures for my blog. I signed up for Flickr and now I need to take some pictures of my FOs to post. I am going to have fun doing this. Now I need to figure out how to add some other stuff to my blog.

Gifts were exchanged at work today and everyone got some nice goodies. I need to wrap a couple of things and take them in to work for tomorrow. I took a day out of work yesterday due to the Migraine Monster and did not know we were exchanging today. This meant I only had a couple of things with me, so I need to bring my stuff in tomorrow.

I need to finish the stained glass rooster by tomorrow night. It just needs to have the patina and wax done. It came out really nice.

Now, the knitting is another story. I need to get that hooded scarf out of the way and start on some more goodies to clear the stash. My New Years resolutions include no yarn acquistions until the stash is under control. :( Gonna be a tough year with the forced yarn diet. I think the food diet will be easier to handle.

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