Friday, October 13, 2006

Early Birthday Gift for Me!!! I'm Getting My Spinning Wheel!!

My DH is the absolute best!! He knows I have been wanting to eventually someday get myself a spinning wheel, but have no immediate plans to do this. I first need to learn to ply from the spindle. I have had so much going on, I have not had time to get back for my second lesson from Jonne.

Well, DH decided to surprise me with an early birthday gift. The other day he told me to order my wheel now!! I am so excited!! I've been checking them out on line, at demonstrations, and at Jonne's shop. I went over today and placed the order for a Kromski Minstrel in the walnut finish. It should be here just in time to actually fall on my b-day at the end of the month. Now I need to schedule classes to be ready to use it. This may be a problem right now, since I hurt my knee last week at work. I have a soft tissue injury and need to rest it a lot. I am suppose to sit 80% of the time. This is a great excuse to knit my butt off, seeing as how I am home from work right now until healed.

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