Friday, October 20, 2006

My Wheel Is HERE!!!!

On this damp, dreary Friday afternoon, there sits, next to my desk in the living room, a box containing my spinning wheel. I received a call this morning about 11:30 from the fiber store letting me know it was in. I planned on picking it around 3 this afternoon, but left my poor DH to his own devices and rushed out the house to get it.

It was carried to the car by Jonne and placed in the back of the wagon, where I could glance at the box on the way home. Of course, mother nature had to let the rain start during this. Upon arriving home, I rushed the box into the house and put it on the kitchen table. DH took it into the living room for safe keeping from my box-loving kitty, Katy. If she had her way, she would be in the box before it was even empty.

I have the video out and plan to watch it in a few minutes. The anticipation of actually putting it together is going to be tough. DH had to go to work, so I have to just glance covetously at the box until around midnight. Hopefully, he doesn't have to stay late like he has been. If so, it will be tomorrow morning before it's ready for me to use. I have been touching the parts I can just to introduce myself to it. As I have said before, DH is very mechanically inclined, so he gets to put it together for me. It will probably take him less than an hour. It would probably take me about 2!

I think it will be in the bedroom tonight either way - assembled or not.

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