Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sock knitting along nicely.....

I am still knitting socks. I finished my Cherry Bomb tank top and have gone back to the socks. Right now, I am knitting a pair of Maple Leaves socks. Cute pattern that shows up well on the hand painted yarn I'm using. I already met my goal for the Lime and Violet KAL using your sock yarn. I also have been very busy falling in love with some more hand painted sock yarn I bought from Jessicaart on eBay. She also has an online shop, , which has the same yarns and roving along with screen painted items. Absolutely breathtaking to see. As I told a couple of other people, I have the greatest urge to drool on the monitor screen while looking at this stuff. I resist by simply "petting" the yarn screen images. lol

Last weekend, April 7th, was the annual sale for The Stained Glass Emporium in Rehoboth, MA. I decided to get there early and only buy what I absolutely needed. Well, I got the Rehoboth at 8:15 a.m. The store doesn't open until 9 a.m., so I went to Warren to buy soup at the Blount Soup Store. I thought they opened at 8:30 and got a surprise since they also open at 9 a.m. I grabbed a bag of French Onion soup for me and two bags of the Portuguese soup for dear hubby. They have three gluten free soups available in the store, the Portuguese soup, a cook's chili, and Chicken Tortilla. . He already has lots of chili, so I passed on that one. Blount makes about four kinds of chili. I did get a small container of Chicken Tortilla for him to try. I love their Southwest Shrimp and Corn, but still have some in the freezer. The soups are frozen and good for one year from the date stamped on the bags. Four pints are in each bag. I cut up the bags into fourths and repackage them in freezer bags. Not easy to cut frozen blocks of stuff. lol

After the soup visit, I went to the glass shop and only bought three pieces, two of which were in the clearance bin and marked lower during the sale. That's the best I have ever been as far as restraint in that store! I have done some serious shopping in there in the past.

On the way there, I remembered Sakonnet Purls is in Tiverton, so I decided to add them to my shopping day. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to get there. After calling my husband and getting directions by phone from him from Yahoo Maps, I arrived there without any problems. This is a wonderful yarn shop. I bought some Claudia yarn, but when I returned home, I realized I have two other skeins very similar to it. A couple of days later, I called and asked if I could return it for a credit or exchange. The owner was very gracious and had no problem letting me get a store credit to use whenever I wanted. Today was a stormy day and we took a ride to do the exchange. My husband sat patiently in the car while I shopped. I ended up with two books that were on my wish list, Folk Socks and Lace Wrap, along with some adorable button from Incomparable Buttons. Their website in and I really like a lot of their products. The price of them was very reasonable as well for ceramic buttons. Of course, mine are cats.

Puppy Pooh is growing in leaps and bounds. He is fresh sometimes and wants his own way, but is learning to share and behave. In order to cut his nails, I had to put a towel over his head while holding him. Leaving a paw out for the clipping, struggling to hold him still, and him screaming like we were killing him were all part of this episode. He should have won an Oscar for his performance. The older two dogs even came near the table to see what was happening. Hubby clipped about an eighth of an in inch from each nail successfully. We get to do this again next week. Oh boy!! Pooh is actually a sweet heart except for the nail issue. He gives kisses on command now, too. He almost has the stay command down as well.

All my other animals are fine. We do have a visitor right now though. Our kittens' brother is visiting after a medical emergency. He had crystals in his bladder and had to spend the night at the emergency vet a couple of nights ago. This is a life threatening problem with male cats sometimes. He is here for recuperation, but may be staying, because his human mommy can't really take care of him right now. We have to monitor the litter box activity for a few days and contact the vet if there are any problems. So far, so good. My guys forgot who he is and we are having a growling fest right now. I will put him back in the other room before I call it a night. Don't need a cat fight later.

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