Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Socks finished.....On to the Moebius.........

My Maple Leaf Socks are finished and look wonderful!. Now, I'm working on the moebius in some of Jessicaart's hand painted yarn in a colorway named "Concord Grape". It has dark shades of purples, a bit of blue and a bit of burgundy in it. I also see a little bit of a sort of dark rusty color. It's a Peruvian yarn and very nice to work with. I am enjoying the project, but, have to admit to being surprised it is taking some time to do. The pattern is only about 30 rounds. It take some time to get around it each time though. I started it Tuesday night, late. Round 9 is finished already and I hope to get it finished this weekend. Maybe I will take a road trip with my hubby and knit on it in the car. It's only one pattern row and a plain knit row for 20 rows. Then there are 6 rows of a lace pattern before a few rows to make a nice edging before binding off.

My mind keeps going back to the yarn waiting to be made into socks. I have so much of it now. Also the alpaca scarf is screaming for completion. The Malabrigo yarn is crying to be made into a scarf as well. I don't usually do more than 2 projects at a time, but may have to start that scarf. I need to wind the skeins into balls first, but I keep putting it off for now. I can't get to the winder right now with other stuff in the way in the room.... major clean out/re-arrangement needed again for the craft room thanks to hubby putting stuff in there. lol

I just found out tonight about the CT fiber festival this weekend. I need to check for directions to see how far it is from here so I can decide if it is feasible to go. The plan is to get to a couple of festivals this year. Maybe NH and MA as well as the new one planned for here in RI.

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