Saturday, April 21, 2007

Still in sock land........

I'm still knitting the same socks as last week. The heel and gusset are done and I just need to finish the foot section on the second one. Then I can start my moebius. Also, waiting in the wings to be finished is the alpaca scarf I started last year.

Last night was devoted to plying the rest of my singles I had done a while ago. It appears to me that they are not as nice as the first bobbin I did while at Jonne's store. I had a problem getting them to feed onto the bobbin, but eventually, it happened. There was no problem with the knitty knoddy. I had 38 yards on the first bobbin and 36 yards on this one. I still have to spin the last couple of ounces of roving and ply them to finish the original bag of fiber. Then it all gets to be washed. There should be enough for a hat hopefully. Might have to be lacy though.

We have the returned kitty here for good. His human mama can't take care of him with his medical condition, so she gave him back to us. She knows he will be safe and well cared for here. He is a "talker" and loves attention. The vet said he is doing well, but needs to be on a special food for at least a month to make sure there are no more crystals in his bladder. The others are still in the transition stage of accepting him back to the household. His brothers, sister, and Tucker are adjusting well, but the old witch, Megan, is being difficult. She doesn't like anyone, animal or human, except me. And that is more of a tolerance.

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