Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wavy Lace Socks Progression..........

The first one is done and the first repeat of the second one is on the needles. I hope to finish them this week. It took some time to make the first one due to the yard sale last weekend and other commitments. Poor needles were barely looked at or petted for three days.

I really do like the way they are turning out with this yarn. Jonne also encouraged me to work from the chart instead of the written translation I had done. It wasn't that hard to do and I'm proud of myself. My only other attempt at a chart has been the alpaca scarf which is still languishing somewhere waiting for completion. I'll get to it soon........Promise.

My plans were to attend the Wool Festival today, but the weather is rainy and cloudy. Husband has gone to his aunt's to finish her room instead. I am sad to miss the Festival, but he has promised to make it up to me. The request for Vermont's Festival was immediately placed. We can't do Massachusetts' because of other commitments that weekend.

Let me get back to that sock.......... My wheel is calling to me as well. Must spin and ply the last of that roving so I can wash it all........

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