Sunday, June 03, 2007

Interrupted Sock Completion...........

Sometimes no matter how you try to finish a project, it's not meant to be rushed. This is the case with my second sock of the Waving Lace pattern. This one seems to be taking a long time to come to fruition. Lately, there were days when I didn't have a chance to knit a stitch. I am down to 8 stitches on each of the four DPNs and had planned to finish it tonight. Unfortunately, this is not to be. My DH and I spent a couple of hours at the ER tonight with a family relative. I worked on the sock a bit, but it was hard to stay concentrated with all the activity happening.

We got home after 9p.m. and we hadn't had any supper yet. I threw something together fast and the dishes are now done. I'm heading for bed, so the poor sock has to wait until tomorrow at lunch time to reach completion. Needless to say, there are patterns, needles, and yarn in my bag to immediately start another pair of tootsie warmers.

Goodnight for now....... My bed is calling to me...............

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I find that the projects which took the most time are also the most satisfying when they are done. Hope everything gets better soon!
Bunny hugs,