Monday, December 31, 2007

Magazine Arrivals....Visiting WEBS.....Spin Group Meet up

First, my back issues of Interweave Knits arrived along with my new issue of Spin Off. Lots of good pleasure reading ahead of me.

Second, On Saturday, I went with Marva and Jean to RI Handspun, owned by Sue DiNola, in Chepachet, RI. There were several other members of the guild as well as a few people I didn't know also there. Sue is a very nice person who makes you feel like you've always been visiting here for years. Of course, the fiber called to me. I bought two 6 ounce balls in two colors. One is a purple blend merino and the other is a Colonial wool in a blue blend. These are to have for the Spinning Retreat in February. The girls laughed and told me I definitely need more than that for 3 days. Along with the fiber, I bought some pencil roving and sock yarn, both for spinning. Sandi and Marva had a dye session earlier this week and showed us their finished products. When Sandi gets ready for the next dye session, I'll be there. She was nice enough to take my dye products with her so I won't lose them at home. Could happen in this fiber pile. lol
I can't wait to go back next month, hopefully with permission from the doctor to spin.

After the sit and spin session, which I was told was the largest to date, (about 15 people), Sandi, Emily, Jean, Marva and myself all headed up the road to Wright's Chicken Farm for supper. OOOOOOOOh it was so tasty. I hadn't been there in about 22 years and it was still just as good as I remembered.

Third, Sunday, yesterday, I went to the yarn mecca of Massachusetts, and possibly New England. WEBS. I didn't think I was going because I waited for a friend to call me regarding the trip. Then Pat was busy with the car and then we had to run an errand. We got back around 1:30 so I figured that's it, no trip. He said get ready so we could go. Around 2:30 we left and arrived there about 4:15 leaving me 45 minutes to shop. He napped in the car while I was inside. I scanned the store to get my bearings and an idea of what I wanted to head for first. The back room. I only walked through and looked this time. I decided to save this for the next trip here.

I really was good. I bought some Merino roving, 3 color blend balls at a pound each. Cranberry, Baltic Blue, and Rose Quartz. Also I did buy some Lorna's Laces and ShiBu, and artyarns for socks. I went for lace weight cones and to check out the drum carders. The drum carders were out of stock and I decided to save the cones for the next visit when I looked in my basket. I didn't want to scare my husband when I came back to the car with my goodies. I left the fiber in the car with the ones from Saturday. These will travel with me in a few weeks to the retreat along with some of my Romney fleece, hand carders, and wheel. I'm already planning to go back for more yarns, fibers and goodies in the near future.

A very fun, fibery weekend, indeed......

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