Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spinning Away, Knitting Socks, Learning New Techniques, New Fleeces.....

I finished spinning and then plying the Rebel Rebel batt. Here's a couple pictures before washing and setting the twist.

rebel rebel yarn 3rebel rebel yarn closeup

I started spinning the Alpaca I bought from Safe Haven Alpaca Farm a long time ago. While visiting with Marva, she noticed I was having a problem with it. After conferring with Sandi on the phone, it was decided I needed to try Scotch Tension. Marva set my wheel up, explaining as she went along, and spun the alpaca for a while. Now, I think I like spinning this way. I can see where each technique works differently to achieve different results.

Sock 1 of the No Purl Monkeys is finished and I'm about 3/4 done with the leg of sock 2. I hope to finish this sock by Thursday or Friday. This is now one of my favorite sock patterns.
np monkey 3np monkey 1

Last Saturday was the Open Shed Sale for fleeces. As usual, I got lost. After passing a farm with a name that was very familiar, I traveled down the road about a mile, turned around and went back to the farm. I met two ladies from my Knitting Guild, Gail and Cindy, who were also fleece shopping. After much indecision, I ended up with two Border Leicester fleeces, one black and one white. Gail had decided to pass on the black and encouraged me several times to take it. They're both gorgeous. I did go down the road to the other farm, but, decided to wait on another fleece. This Saturday is the CT Sheep and Wool Festival, and my intention is to buy at least one more fleece.


Anonymous said...

Fleeces? Pictures, me want pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Fleeces? Pictures, we want pictures!!

Anonymous said...

oops! dbl post

Donna said...

Socks are lookin good! You're going to get done with yours before I finish mine. And I started mine a while ago. I find I have to concentrate too much on the pattern - my head is filled with alot of air these days and no attention span!

I'll see you tonight at Panera. And let's talk about meeting up in CT Saturday.