Thursday, April 09, 2009

Finishing Fiber Projects and Starting New Ones

As I sat in the living room last night with my Sonata plying the last of my Coopworth, I thought of the other fiber projects waiting to be finished. "Inquiry" is next to be finished as soon as I finish blending the colors on the drumcarder. If the carder isn't set up tomorrow, there are still a few stragglers waiting for their turn as well. The "Pie Toss" is on the table next to the desk and the last little bit of "Bodice Ripper" Rambouillet is still hanging around. But I think since the jumbo flyer is still on the wheel, I will do some plying with my alpaca single and a wool single. They should be nice and relaxed since I spun them last May. lol

Tonight is my Ocean State Knitting and Crochet Guild meeting. We are having a guest speaker who will teach us Portuguese Knitting. Elsa is a member of my Spinners Guild and has shown us how to do this before. When I mentioned it on this blog, one of the OSKCG ladies asked about it. The result is tonight's lesson.

After I get home, the Coopworth is all heading into a big bucket for it's twist setting bath. In a few days, I can start my sweater. I had a pattern picked out, but now think I might prefer a cardigan. Guess it's time to go through my patterns and Ravelry queue.........

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