Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fun Times with Friends......Lovely Curling Locks of Fiber

Yesterday evening was spent with my two friends, Sarah and Marva at Sarah's house. Supper was prepared by her and was delicious. After eating, the wheels were set up and spinning commenced. Sort of. My jumbo flyer "screamed" at us through an entire bobbin. After some of the plyed yarn jumped the bobbin, tangling around the flyer, I took the bobbin off. Before putting it back I decided to oil the daylights out of it. Silence ensued. I hope the girls let me spin with them again after torturing their poor ears with the noisy bobbin. :)

I wanted to finish plying the singles of Coopworth today, but, the wheel never made it out of it's bag. Tomorrow will be another day and I will try to get to it. Maybe I'll sit outside in the warm sun for a bit with it.

Today was the Open Shed at Maybe Tomorrow Farm in Chepachet, RI. Pat and I headed out bright and early to go to the farm and shop for a fleece. I went with the intention to buy a black Rambouillet I saw last year. Since this fleece was still on the hoof for a couple of more weeks, I chose a lovely white Border Leicester. It's 4 3/4 pounds of curly squishy goodness. The black Rambouillet is tagged for me when the sheep is sheared. There are actually two of these sheep, so I don't know which one I will get yet.

It's suppose to be a sunny 60 degrees here tomorrow, so I might decide to work with the Romeldale just to get it out of the shed. Since it's a left over from last summer, it really needs to get processed. I don't like to carry them over for more than a couple of months.

Yes, Spring has sprung with the arrival of freshly shorn fleeces.........

After returning home, I ran a few errands, ending up at the Yarn Outlet in Pawtucket for their Sit and Knit group. I met some lovely ladies as well as seeing a few friends. My current travel project is a sock, so I worked on the heel flap for a while. I actually turned the heel after I got home and am now ready for the gusset tomorrow evening.

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judy said...

wow! sounds like you had a terrific day, in spite of the cold wind. so far, I am staying away from the fleeces. I have to get a couple carded and spun before I think of more.