Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spinning For Sweaters, Knitting A Sock

Since I've spun all the singles of the Coopworth, the plying will be done tonight after I get home from a doctor's appointment. The drumcarder is still holding court in the kitchen for now. I need to finish blending the Inquiry so I can get the carder put away again. I'm really looking forward to spinning the black fiber after these two. The Coopworth needs it's dipping in Eucalan, then I can start knitting with it. There is a problem though. I need to finish a couple of other projects before casting on a new one.

It's time to head out to the doctor's office. My sock tote is ready to go, and a magazine as well. I know the routine with this office, and plan accordingly. I can have anywhere from a 5 minute wait to an hour or so if he is backed up. Bye for now.......

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Donna said...

what did we do while waiting for doctor appointments before we were knitters?