Monday, December 06, 2010

Keeping a Tradition...and...The Naked Christmas Tree

Every year, it was traditional to start decorating the house on my mom's birthday which is tomorrow, December 7th.  I've missed doing this tradition a few years, but this year I am renewing it.  The tree was brought up from the basement, and the reindeer are waiting for the first visit to my front yard.  I bought them a couple years ago and just never put them out.  I'm not sure about decorating the fireplace.  That may just prove too much of a kitty temptation.

The last time I had my big Christmas tree decorated was 2005.  We had the rescue kittens which were in isolation from my other cats until they were old enough to be tested, so I put it up.  Since then it has been in storage in the basement.  Ever since their arrival, I've put a small table one up. Moving it into the front hall and putting it back when I got home every day from work was the only way I could think to keep it kitty proof. Even after retiring in 2007, I used the small one.  That year, I had a broken wrist and couldn't even handle that.  Pat had to help me.

Now the "kids" are 5 years old, I decided to try putting it up again this year. Tonight, in the setting up.  If no one climbs it or hides in it, I will put the lights on it tomorrow.  Then some ribbon garland, bows, and my angel on top in a couple more days.  I won't be putting any of my regular ornaments on it since they are all ceramic, spun glass, or crystal.  I do have some plastic candy canes and icicles I used on the small tree I can put on it.  That's it.  It will still be a little naked compared to my usual glittery tree I love.


Lucie said...

I used to chain my tree to the wall, since it was irresistible to my many cats. Held it up pretty well.Now I do not put up a tree. Just decorate one for the birds outside.

calicokitty6 said...

I used to put one in a corner and fishline it to the walls when my older cats were small. It worked well. The tree never fell over. lol

Donna said...

This is the first year with the new kitty for Christmas. We put the tree up Saturday and have been vigilent with the spray bottle. We haven't put the ornaments up yet - we decided to leave the fragile ones in the box in case she is tempted to climb. So far the worst she has done is play with the branches a bit. Let's see how the ornaments do!