Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Parties, a Tough Week, an Angry Little Dog

Last Thursday evening, Dec. 9, was the Ocean State Knit and Crochet Guild annual Holiday Party.  Lots of yummy foods were consumed before the Yankee Swap commenced. Gifts were opened among much laughter and good fun. I did sample a little piece of fudge, but passed on all the other sweet desserts.

Sunday, Dec. 12, was the monthly gathering of the Happy Hands Fiber Arts Group in North Stonington. We are a very eclectic group so this was not a Holiday Party, just our regular get together.  We did bring munchies to share.  Again, it was all very delicious.  I didn't have any candy or cookies. 

While spinning on my Sonata, I was getting very nauseous with the wheel spinning around in my line of vision and very cold. By the time I left, I just wanted to get home.  The torrential rains didn't help with the hour plus drive.  At one point, I had to pull off the highway and sit for a bit.  I got home, put the dip and veggies I had brought in the fridge, put on a nightgown, and crawled into bed.  I stayed there for the rest of Sunday, and the majority of Monday and Tuesday.    I think it was some kind of bug.  I didn't touch my knitting at all.  Today, I'm feeling more myself. 

Right now, I need to deal with a very pissed off Pooh.  He is vocally demanding a cookie, which he will not be getting.  Then I will be climbing into my recliner to knit for a bit.

Update:  Pooh has yapped himself to exhaustion and is now sleeping next to Hanna.  He's been a brat all night.  I still love him though.  Pooh on the left and Hanna on the right.

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