Monday, February 21, 2011

Bit By The Cooking Bug & Clearing WIPs & UFOs

Don't ask me why because I don't know, but, this weekend has found me spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  Saturday, I had the urge for an egg salad sandwich.  I boiled up the eggs we had left and made the salad once they were nice and cold.  This led to me sending Pat to the store for more eggs after I mentioned deviled eggs to him.  Those were made, and we have been nibbling on them all weekend.  Sunday, found Pat cooking the steaks on the grill while I made mashed potatoes with a touch of shredded cheese, saute`d spinach in olive oil and garlic, and saute`d onions and mushroom to top the steaks with.  Today, Monday, I made Lasagna Bake.  There's enough of that for at least a couple more days.  I make Pat's with his pasta and mine with the regular stuff.  Now, I have a cranberry bread in the oven.  Not to be left out, Pat made his brownies earlier.  My kitchen has been smelling yummy all weekend.   

This weekend also found me spending a lot of time with my wheels.  Millie Minstrel was put to work spinning my Copperpot Woolies "Victorian Holiday" batt 2 which I thought I had already spun up.  It was tucked in with the Sonata and completely forgotten about.  Esmeralda Sonata was set up with the jumbo flyer and engaged in the plying of that fiber as well as 3 more of my Junebug skeins.  Now, I'm back to Millie Minstrel and spinning a  Hanks In The Hood "Trillium Lake" batt.  This batt is gorgeous and so easy to spin.  I signed up to be part of her "study".  She supplied the fiber, and, after we finish it, we post pictures and info about how we spun and plied it.   We have about 3 more weeks to get it done. Here's some photos of it.  There are one rolled up, two opened, and one started on the wheel.  This fiber is also one of the batts she supplies to Knit Picks.  It has lots of green, some brown, bronze firestar, and white bamboo fiber.  Here is the link for the page at Knit Picks.

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