Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Been A Busy Week of Fiber Arts

Last Thursday, at my Ocean State Knit and Crochet Guild meeting, I was happy to hand over three hats for our charity knitting.  I made them all slightly different sizes to accommodate different size heads.
I did get some spinning finished, too.  The "Pie for Everyone" is plied.  "Lovely Lady" is spun and ready to be plied.

 The first clue of In Dreams came out on Friday.  My hope and plan was to be on clue 6 of Evenstar by then, but, I am just now finishing up clue 5.  I got involved in some non fibery stuff and just didn't have time to work on it.  When I get to the final clue 7,  which is a knitted on edging, there are about 3000 beads included. Here are some pics of my current progress, the beads I am planning to use, and the cone of yarn. I pinned out the shawl as much as possible.  Due to the needles not being long enough to lay the entire circle out, I just did a portion starting at the center. :   

Sunday found me at my Happy Hands Fiber Arts monthly gathering where some of us tried our hands at needle felting and then wet felting on fabric and canvas.  Sandi was nice to arrange the activity and bring all the supplies including little tote bags for us to use.  Monet brought extra fiber for everyone in case it was needed.  I had a pretty multi colored mini sample batt from a previous fiber order and I used that to make a cute hummingbird on one of Sandi's little tote bags.   It's going to find a home on my Sonata to hold the oil bottle, hook, and allen wrench.  Here's a picture of the still damp bag.

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Donna said...

Bless your patience with those beads!!

Pie for Everyone came out nice. I still have mine waiting to be spun. Did you Navajo ply it?