Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Plugging Along on Spin & Knit Projects

This past week has seen me still working on the same projects.  While out and about last Thursday, I stopped and picked up some yarn for the charity hat knitting my knitting guild, Ocean State Knit and Crochet Guild, is doing tomorrow night.  I ended up making one already and have another skein to work on tomorrow night at the meeting.  It's a bulky weight acrylic Loops & Thread Charisma in Dark Blue.   I like the yarn but it does tend to slip a bit on the metal needles I'm using.  Evenstar is at the end of Clue 5.  I had hoped to be into Clue 6 before the first clue of In Dreams came out last Friday, but, I didn't make it.  The ribbing of a sock is started for February.  That's as far as that has gotten.

The blue fiber, "Moonlight", on my Sonata wheel hasn't been touched since the spin in.  I decided to finish the pink fiber on my Minstrel first.  It will feel good to have another WIP become an FO and move into the yarn bin.  :)  I did spin up another bobbin of Junebug's fleece which is number 6 waiting to be plied.  I will have to put the jumbo flyer on the Sonata and start plying soon or I'll run out of regular size bobbins.   It's time to head back to "Lady Love" and spin up the last 2.5 ounces left of the 6 that made up batt 2.  Batt 1 had 4 so I have a total of 10 ounces.  I'm hoping for close to 1000 yards of heavy lace weight or light fingering when I'm done. Here's a couple pictures of the fiber.  The skein is from batt 1 which was spun last summer.  It got a bit squished in it's bag inside the other bag with the fiber. 

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