Saturday, March 10, 2012

Knitted Wire Bracelets,Winning a Prize, Distractions

This past Thursday was my monthly knit guild meeting, and we had a guest instructor.  Donna from The Beads and More shop in Cranston, RI taught us how to knit with wire and beads.  It was a bit fiddly at first and had a bit of a learning curve involved for me.  I was working my stitches a bit too tight. This is ironic since I'm usually a loose knitter.  My resulting bracelet is in very pretty shades of blue with hints of silver beads and silver wire.  Once I loosened up my stitches, it was a fun to do. 

There hasn't been any progress on my Dragonfly Wings Shawl lately.  I've been busy with the Kandahar socks and finished the first one.  The ribbing and a few rows of the leg is done on the second one as well.

Yesterday, Friday, was the monthly knit and tell at Eneri Knits in Exeter, RI. Irene always has door prizes during this event.  I won a lovely skein of Malabrigo Lace in a pretty pink shade called "Molly".

I decided to bring my socks and the stuff for my cashmere scarf to work on. I forgot the needles for the scarf so I was going to buy another size 4. When I knit the first 2 rows I knew it was too loose, so I'm knitting it on a size 3. At least I didn't waste the money on needles I wouldn't be able to use.  I had a size 3 16-inch circular needle at home and they are working perfectly.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is Happy Hands.  I'll be bringing my Sonata wheel.  The second 5 ounces of Shetland will accompany me so I can ply it using the Jumbo Flyer, resulting in a nice, big skein.  I'm also bringing the current bobbin on my Minstrel, which has some FatCatKnits Falkland in "Tapestry" in progress.  This is gorgeous stuff.  I think it will be mitts and a hat for next winter.  My knitting bag with the three projects might get tossed in as well. 

I've got the "ooo!shiny!" mentality lately.  Otherwise known as easily distracted from one project to another.  An example of this would be the scarf.  It wasn't suppose to be cast on until I finished the Dragonfly Wings Shawl and my never ending sweater.  Oh well. At least I didn't cast on the other 4 items screaming at me for attention right now.

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Donna said...

I'm so distracted too lately. I can't seem to get anything finished before something else is shouting "cast me on". Maybe it's the spring weather.